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The best Denver area deck materials are those which can stand up to the community’s climate. Since the Denver area experiences a wild swing in weather from season to season, it’s best to use a deck material that will stand up to said changes, while maintaining its aesthetics. so, read on to learn about the best Denver area deck materials and what you need to know.

The best Denver area deck materials include various types of wood, including pressure-treated pine, red and white cedar, redwood, cypress, and even tropical hardwoods. However, these are not the only dec materials that can be used for the Denver climate. Other choices include composite boards and synthetic lumber.

It is important to understand that each one of these choices has its pros and cons. For instance, some of the natural woods will require more or less maintenance, depending on the type. Meanwhile, synthetic and composite boards may offer less maintenance and some aspects but could require a bit more care for certain things, such as mold.

Generally, people select deck materials based on their home and its overall style. For instance, a more rustic house would probably be better suited with natural wood materials, although some of the synthetic lumber and composite materials mimic these perfectly. Of course, longevity and function will play a large role, and not just aesthetics. This means it’s best to do your homework and look into what each type of decking material has to offer, along with its biggest advantages and disadvantages. For example, most composite decking requires more expensive hardware to assemble, meanwhile, some of the natural woods can be more expensive for the lumber itself.