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Deck restoration or deck replacement? This question comes up probably a lot more than you would think. Decks are very popular outdoor amenities because they provide extra living and entertainment space. Though built to the long-lasting amenities, even the sturdiest of decks will begin to show signs of wear and tear over time. When this occurs, you’ll probably be asking the question if it’s time to restore it or replace it. Read on to learn more about deck restoration versus replacement.

Deck restoration or deck replacement? Which solution will best fit your particular situation? Well, the answer depends on a number of factors. First and foremost, and most obviously, is its overall integrity. If the structural integrity of the amenity is in questionable condition, you’re probably looking at a total replacement. (At the very least, a partial replacement of necessary components.) However, if the instructional integrity of the deck is sound, restoration becomes a possible option. For instance, if the underlying structure is in sound condition, and some of the planks are warping, and/or splitting, those boards can simply be replaced.

Then, there’s the matter of scale. In our above example, if only a small portion of the deck is showing substantial signs of wear and tear, it can likely be restored by replacing those affected components. Conversely, if there’s a widespread failure across many different pieces of material, then you’re probably better off replacing the structure.

In order to ascertain which is better, replacement or restoration, it’s best to have an experienced and licensed professional examine your deck in order to determine the right solution.