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Investment advantages of kitchen remodeling can really pay off. That is if you make the right changes. However, if you don’t follow some simple rules, the return on investment might not add up to much. In fact, you could easily throw all that money away. So, it’s important to understand a few key elements in order to reap the investment benefits of a kitchen remodel.

The investment advantages of a kitchen remodel will depend on the scale. In other words, whether it’s a minor upgrade or a major overhaul. While most people think that bigger is better, that’s not necessarily true. Statistics show that a minor kitchen remodel will bring a return on investment of approximately 81 percent. Meanwhile, a major kitchen remodel will bring back about 55 percent of what’s spent on it.

Now, there are two very important factors for any kitchen makeover. One is a function, while the other is aesthetics. Within the element of function also goes a floor plan or flow. (In other words, how the kitchen is laid out if the footprint changes.) So, it’s important to determine if the arrangement will stay as it currently is or needs to be altered to provide better functionality.

Of course, the aesthetics are a key portion of the overall remodel, given that it’s the impression it makes on people. Remember, if you’re concerned about the return on investment, you’ll go with patterns and colors that offer mass appeal. That doesn’t mean you can’t go bald in one of two ways, but going out of the ordinary should be limited. By striking a balance between all of these elements, your kitchen remodel will return a nice amount of the money invested.